Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 No 203
Current version for 1 January 2015 to date (accessed 27 January 2015 at 21:23)
Part 6Division 1ASection 118I

118I   Authority to enter premises

(1)  A power conferred by this Division to enter premises, or to make an inspection or take other action on premises, may not be exercised unless the person proposing to exercise the power is in possession of an authority and produces the authority if required to do so by the owner or occupier of the premises.
(2)  The authority must be a written authority which is issued by the council and which:
(a)  states that it is issued under this Act, and
(b)  gives the name of the person to whom it is issued, and
(c)  describes the nature of the powers conferred and the source of the powers, and
(d)  states the date (if any) on which it expires, and
(e)  describes the kind of premises to which the power extends, and
(f)  in the case of a council, bears the signature of the general manager.
(3)  This section does not apply to a power conferred by a search warrant.
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