Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 No 203
Historical version for 8 July 2011 to 15 September 2011 (accessed 1 February 2015 at 03:10) Current version

75M   Application for approval of concept plan for project

(1)  The Minister may authorise or require the proponent to apply for approval of a concept plan for a project.
(2)  The application is to:
(a)  outline the scope of the project and any development options, and
(b)  set out any proposal for the staged implementation of the project, and
(c)  contain any other matter required by the Director-General.

A detailed description of the project is not required.

(3)  The application is to be lodged with the Director-General.
(3A)  A single application may be made for approval of a concept plan for a project and for approval to carry out any part or aspect of the project. In that case, environmental assessment requirements, public consultation and reports under this Division and Division 2 with respect to the project may be combined.
(4)  If an environmental planning instrument requires the preparation of a development control plan before any particular or kind of development is carried out on any land, the obligation may be satisfied for a project by an application for approval and approval of a concept plan in respect of the land concerned (but only if the Minister authorises or requires an application for approval of the concept plan).
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