Community Land Management Act 1989 No 202
Current version for 4 July 2014 to date (accessed 31 January 2015 at 19:34)

17   By-laws fixing details of development

(1)  The by-laws for a scheme may relate to the control or preservation of the essence or theme of the development under the scheme by:
(a)  limiting occupancy under the scheme to persons of a particular description, or
(b)  fixing the architectural, building or landscaping styles to be permitted, or
(c)  limiting the kind of materials that may be used in buildings and other structures, or
(d)  requiring that specified association property be used only for particular purposes, or
(e)  imposing any other kind of restriction.
(2)  If a by-law made in accordance with subsection (1) is identified in the by-laws as relating to the control and preservation of the essence or theme of the scheme to which it relates, it may be amended or revoked only by a unanimous resolution of the association, or the strata corporation, constituted under the scheme.
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