Industrial Relations Act 1996 No 17
Historical version for 1 December 2005 to 8 December 2005 (accessed 29 January 2015 at 07:13) Current version
Chapter 6Part 2Section 318

318   Commencement of determination

(1)  A contract determination comes into force on the date specified by the Commission.
(2)  However, legal proceedings relating to the enforcement of the determination cannot be commenced until the expiration of 7 days after the day on which it is published in the Industrial Gazette.
(3)  A contract determination may be expressed to apply retrospectively, but not earlier than the date on which:
(a)  application for the determination was lodged with the Industrial Registrar or the Commission initiated proceedings for the determination, or
(b)  the Commission initiated proceedings for the determination, or
(c)  the dispute giving rise to the determination was notified to the Commission,
as the case requires.
Note. Section 190 enables the Full Bench or a Presidential Member, on such terms as it thinks fit, to stay the operation of the whole or any part of a contract determination for the purposes of appeal pending determination of the appeal or further order of the Commission.
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