Industrial Relations Act 1996 No 17
Current version for 24 June 2014 to date (accessed 31 January 2015 at 18:04)
Chapter 5Part 7Section 296

296   Definitions

(1)  In this Part:

authorised industrial officer means an officer or employee of an industrial organisation of employees who holds an instrument of authority for the purposes of this Part issued by the Industrial Registrar under section 299.

employees’ records includes records of the remuneration of employees, part-time work agreements with the employees or other records relating to the employees that are required to be kept by the employer by or under the industrial relations legislation or an industrial instrument.

officer of an industrial organisation includes any person who is concerned in, or takes part in, the management of the organisation.

relevant employee, when used in connection with the exercise of a power by an authorised officer of an industrial organisation, means an employee who is a member of the organisation or who is eligible to become a member of the organisation.

(2)  This Part does not confer authority on an authorised industrial officer to enter any premises for the purposes of holding discussions with employees or of an investigation if:
(a)  the persons employed at that place are employed by a person who holds a certificate of conscientious objection under section 212 (3) because of membership of a religious society or order (such as the Brethren), and
(b)  none of the persons employed at those premises are members of an industrial organisation, and
(c)  there are no more than 20 persons employed at those premises.
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