Human Tissue Act 1983 No 164
Current version for 5 July 2013 to date (accessed 31 January 2015 at 21:06)
Part 3ASection 21A

21A   Presumptions in certain legal proceedings

If in any legal proceedings relating to an alleged contravention of this Part it is proved that:
(a)  a person, other than the donor, has supplied blood or blood products on at least 2 occasions to one or more persons for the purpose of transfusion to other persons or for other therapeutic purposes, or for medical or scientific purposes, involving the treatment of persons, or
(b)  a person, other than the donor, has kept on premises occupied by that person blood or blood products in excess of the prescribed quantity,
it is to be presumed for the purposes of those proceedings, unless the contrary is proved, that the person was carrying on a business of supplying homologous blood or blood products within the meaning of section 21.
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