Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997 No 156
Current version for 1 January 2015 to date (accessed 28 January 2015 at 07:59)

51   Integrated development

(1)  The issue of a licence in relation to integrated development within the meaning of section 91 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 is subject to Division 5 of Part 4 of that Act.
(2)  A decision by the appropriate regulatory authority on whether it will issue a licence, or on the general terms of a licence it proposes to issue, in relation to integrated development is subject to the provisions of this Chapter (including section 45).
(3)  A person to whom such a licence is issued after the commencement of this section cannot question the validity of the licence on the ground of failure to comply with any relevant provisions of that Act in any legal proceedings except those commenced in the Land and Environment Court by the person before the end of the period within which an appeal under section 287 can be lodged against the decision to issue the licence.
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