Environmentally Hazardous Chemicals Act 1985 No 14
Current version for 11 January 2013 to date (accessed 26 January 2015 at 13:22)
Part 7Section 58

58   Regulations

(1)  The Governor may make regulations, not inconsistent with this Act, for or with respect to any matter that by this Act is required or permitted to be prescribed or that is necessary or convenient to be prescribed for carrying out or giving effect to this Act.
(2)  Without affecting the generality of subsection (1), a regulation may:
(a)  require the payment of fees in connection with applications, licences and renewals of licences and any service provided by the Authority under this Act or the regulations,
(b)  require persons of any specified class or description who are notified in the prescribed manner to furnish, as prescribed, information of a kind specified in the notification, being information concerning a chemical or any chemical waste so specified or any particular activity carried on in relation thereto or any plant, vehicle or vessel used in connection with the carrying on of any such activity,
(c)  make provision for or with respect to the calling of, and the conduct of business at, meetings of the Committee,
(d)  exempt persons, or persons of a prescribed class, either absolutely or subject to conditions or in prescribed circumstances or for prescribed periods of time, from any provision of this Act or the regulations or of any order made under this Act, and
(e)  impose a penalty not exceeding 200 penalty units for any contravention of a regulation.
(3)  A regulation may:
(a)  apply differently according to such factors as are specified in the regulations,
(b)  authorise any matter or thing to be from time to time determined, applied or regulated by a specified person or body.
(c)  (Repealed)
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