Strata Schemes Management Act 1996 No 138
Historical version for 6 July 2009 to 16 July 2009 (accessed 29 January 2015 at 07:13) Current version

108   Inspection of records of owners corporation

(1) Who may inspect records?
An owner, mortgagee or covenant chargee of a lot, or a person authorised by the owner, mortgagee or covenant chargee, may request the owners corporation to allow an inspection to be carried out under this section.
(2) Form of request
The request must be in writing and be accompanied by the fee prescribed by the regulations.
(3) Items to be made available for inspection
The owners corporation must make the following items available for inspection by the person who makes the request or the person’s agent:
(a)  the strata roll,
(b)  any records or documents required to be kept under Division 2,
(c)  the plans, specifications, certificates, diagrams and other documents required to be delivered to the owners corporation at its first annual general meeting by the original owner or lessor,
(d)  if in its custody or under its control, the certificate of title comprising the common property or, in the case of a leasehold strata scheme, the certificate of title for the lease of the common property,
(e)  the last financial statements prepared,
(f)  every current policy of insurance taken out by the owners corporation and the receipt for the premium last paid for each such policy,
(g)  any other record or document in the custody or under the control of the owners corporation,
(h)  if the duties of the owners corporation under this subsection have been delegated to a strata managing agent, such other records (including records of the strata managing agent) relating to the strata scheme as may be prescribed by the regulations,
(i)  if a caretaker agreement is in force or has been entered into but has not yet commenced, a copy of the caretaker agreement.

Maximum penalty: 2 penalty units.

(4) Inspection to take place at agreed place and time
The inspection is to take place at such time and place as may be agreed on and, failing agreement, at the parcel at a time and on a date fixed by the owners corporation under subsection (5).
(5) Time and place of inspection if agreement not reached
If an applicant and the owners corporation fail to reach an agreement within 3 days after the owners corporation receives the application, the owners corporation must immediately send by post to the applicant a notice fixing a specified time (between 9 am and 8 pm) on a specified date (not later than 10 days after the owners corporation receives the application).
(6) Copies of documents may be taken
A person entitled to inspect a document under this section may take extracts from, or make a copy of, the document but must not, without the consent of the owners corporation, remove the document from the custody of the owners corporation.
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