Public Health Act 2010 No 127
Current version for 21 October 2014 to date (accessed 1 February 2015 at 04:38)
Part 8Division 2Section 110

110   Power of authorised officers to require answers

(1)  An authorised officer may, by notice in writing, direct a person whom the authorised officer suspects on reasonable grounds to have knowledge of matters about which he or she requires information in connection with the exercise of his or her functions:
(a)  to answer questions in relation to those matters, and
(b)  if a meeting with the authorised officer is reasonably necessary to enable questions in relation to those matters to be properly asked and answered, to meet with the authorised officer to answer such questions.
(2)  The Director-General or authority that appointed an authorised officer may, by notice in writing, direct a corporation to nominate, in writing and within a specified time, a director or officer of the corporation to represent the corporation for the purpose of answering any such questions.
(3)  Answers given by the nominated person bind the corporation.
(4)  The place and time at which a person may be required to attend under subsection (1) (b) is to be:
(a)  a place or time nominated by the person, or
(b)  if the place and time so nominated is unreasonable in the circumstances or if the person fails to nominate a place and time, a place and time nominated by the authorised officer.
(5)  An authorised officer may record any questions and answers under this section if the person to be questioned has been informed that the record is to be made.
(6)  A record may be made by any method, including sound or video recording.
(7)  A copy of any such record must be provided to the person who is questioned as soon as practicable after the record is made.
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