Public Health Act 2010 No 127
Historical version for 7 December 2010 to 7 July 2011 (accessed 28 January 2015 at 23:06) Current version

54   Medical practitioner to notify Director-General of Category 1 and 2 conditions

(cf 1991 Act, ss 14 and 15)

(1)  This section applies if a registered medical practitioner:
(a)  attends a person in connection with a Category 1 condition, or
(b)  while attending a person in connection with any medical condition, reasonably suspects that the person has a Category 2 condition, or
(c)  as a result of conducting a post-mortem examination, reasonably suspects that a person’s cause of death involves a Category 1 or 2 condition.
(2)  In these circumstances, the registered medical practitioner must, as soon as practicable:
(a)  record such particulars concerning the person’s medical condition as may be prescribed by the regulations, and
(b)  send to the Director-General a certificate, in the approved form, of the particulars so recorded.
(3)  The registered medical practitioner:
(a)  must keep any such particulars for the period prescribed by the regulations, and
(b)  subject to section 56, must provide the Director-General with such further information concerning the person’s medical condition and transmission and risk factors as is available to the medical practitioner and as the Director-General may request.
(4)  A registered medical practitioner who attends a person as a patient at a hospital is not required to comply with this section if:
(a)  the Category 1 or 2 condition concerned is a notifiable disease, and
(b)  the medical practitioner believes on reasonable grounds that the Director-General has been notified of the disease in accordance with Division 2 of Part 5.
(5)  A registered medical practitioner must not, without reasonable excuse, fail to comply with the requirements of this section.

Maximum penalty: 50 penalty units.

(6)  It is a defence to proceedings for an offence under this section if the defendant satisfies the court:
(a)  that the record alleged not to have been made or kept, or
(b)  that the certificate alleged not to have been sent,
had been made, kept or sent by another registered medical practitioner.
(7)  This section applies to a person engaged in an occupation prescribed by the regulations in the same way as it applies to a registered medical practitioner.
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