Weapons Prohibition Act 1998 No 127
Current version for 1 December 2014 to date (accessed 26 January 2015 at 13:21)

14   Conditions of permit

(1)  A permit is subject:
(a)  to such conditions as may be imposed by the Commissioner (whether at the time the permit is issued or at any later time), and
(b)  to such other conditions as are imposed by this Act or prescribed by the regulations.
(2)  In addition to the conditions specified in a permit, a permit is subject to the following conditions:
(a)  the holder must not allow any other person to possess or use any prohibited weapon in the holder’s possession if that other person is not authorised to possess or use the weapon,
(b)  the holder must, in accordance with such arrangements as are agreed on by the holder and the Commissioner, or, in the case of an authorised weapons dealer or authorised theatrical weapons armourer, at any reasonable time, allow inspection by a police officer, an authorised officer, or such other person as may be prescribed by the regulations, of the holder’s facilities in respect of the storage and safe keeping of the prohibited weapons in the holder’s possession,
(c)  the permit cannot be transferred to another person.
(3)  (Repealed)
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