Exhibited Animals Protection Act 1986 No 123
Current version for 1 January 2014 to date (accessed 29 January 2015 at 03:12)

22   Persons to be authorised to exhibit animals

(1)  In this section:

person in charge, in relation to an animal, includes:

(a)  the owner of the animal,
(b)  a person who has the animal in his or her possession or custody, or under his or her care, control or supervision, and
(c)  where a person referred to in paragraph (b) is bound to comply with the directions, in respect of the animal, of any servant or agent of the owner of the animal, that servant or agent, as the case may be.

(2)  A person in charge of an animal of any species (other than an animal of a species prescribed for the purposes of section 24) shall not exhibit the animal on premises occupied by temporary or movable structures used for the purposes of a circus, fair, fun-fair, amusement park or similar place of public entertainment, or at a preschool, school, TAFE establishment, university or other place of education, unless the person is the holder, or is supervised by the holder, of an approval authorising the holder to exhibit animals of that species.

Maximum penalty: 20 penalty units or imprisonment for 6 months, or both.

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