Animal Research Act 1985 No 123
Current version for 1 January 2014 to date (accessed 30 January 2015 at 15:52)
Part 4Division 3Section 25C

25C   Applications by independent researchers

(1)  An accredited research establishment may charge a fee in respect of an application for an animal research authority (including an application for renewal of an animal research authority) that is made by an independent researcher.
(2)  The maximum fee that may be charged is the amount prescribed by the regulations as the maximum application fee.
(3)  An accredited research establishment must ensure that a record is kept for the period prescribed by the regulations that includes the particulars prescribed by the regulations of all applications for animal research authorities that are made to it by independent researchers during each reporting period.

Maximum penalty: 30 penalty units.

(4)  An accredited research establishment that makes a record under this section must give a copy of the record to the Director-General within one month after the end of the reporting period to which the record relates.

Maximum penalty: 30 penalty units.

(5)  In this section:

independent researcher, in relation to an accredited research establishment, means a person who carries out animal research, or applies for an authority to carry out animal research, otherwise than on behalf of the accredited research establishment.

reporting period means the period commencing on the commencement of this section and ending on 31 December in the same year and each subsequent period of 12 months.

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