Legal Profession Act 2004 No 112
Current version for 4 July 2014 to date (accessed 28 January 2015 at 20:12)

127   Peremptory cancellation of local practising certificate following removal of name from interstate roll

(1)  This section applies if:
(a)  a local legal practitioners’s name is removed from an interstate roll but he or she remains an Australian lawyer, and
(b)  no order referred to in section 130 (1) (b) (Order for non-removal of name or non-cancellation of local practising certificate) is, at the time of that removal, in force in relation to it.
(2)  The appropriate Council must cancel the local practising certificate as soon as practicable after receiving official written notification of the removal and may cancel the practising certificate before that time.
(3)  The Council may, but need not, give the person notice of the date on which the Council proposes to cancel the local practising certificate.
(4)  The Council must, as soon as practicable, give the person notice of the cancellation, unless notice of the date of the proposed cancellation was previously given.
(5)  Nothing in this section prevents the former local legal practitioner from afterwards applying for a local practising certificate.
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