Legal Profession Act 2004 No 112
Current version for 4 July 2014 to date (accessed 30 January 2015 at 20:23)

12   Simplified outline of Chapter

(1)  This Chapter sets out general requirements for engaging in legal practice in this jurisdiction.
(2)  The following is a general outline of the contents of this Chapter:
•  Part 2.2 provides for the reservation of legal work and legal titles to properly qualified persons and bodies,
•  Part 2.3 sets out the qualifications and procedure for admission to legal practice in this jurisdiction,
•  Part 2.4 provides for the grant, renewal, amendment, suspension and cancellation of practising certificates in this jurisdiction and sets out the entitlements of holders of interstate practising certificates to engage in legal practice in this jurisdiction,
•  Part 2.5 provides a scheme for notification of and response to action taken by courts and other authorities in this and other jurisdictions regarding admission to the legal profession and the right to engage in legal practice,
•  Part 2.6 regulates the provision of legal services in this jurisdiction by corporations (which are called “incorporated legal practices”) and by partnerships that provide legal services and non-legal services (called “multi-disciplinary partnerships”),
•  Part 2.7 regulates the practice of the law of a foreign country in this jurisdiction,
•  Part 2.8 regulates community legal centres.
(3)  Subsection (2) is intended only as a guide to readers as to the general scheme of this Chapter.
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