Statute Law (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act (No 2) 2001 No 112
Repealed version for 4 July 2002 to 19 June 2006 (accessed 30 January 2015 at 20:25)
Schedule 5

Schedule 5 Repeals

(Section 4)

Federal Aid Roads (Further Agreement) Act 1931 No 491
Finances Adjustment (Further Provisions) Act 1932 No 643
Civil Service (Amendment) Act 1957 No 21
Health Commission and Other Acts (Amendment) Act 1975 No 83
Coal Mines Regulation (Postponement of Commencement) Regulation 19841
Heritage (Amendment) Act 1987 No 115
Children (Community Service Orders) Amendment Act 1988 No 93
Drug Misuse and Trafficking (Amendment) Act 1988 No 173
Judicial Officers Legislation (Amendment) Act 1990 No 563
Courts Legislation (Civil Procedure) Amendment Act 1991 No 123
Criminal Procedure (Police Custody of Property) Amendment Act 1991 No 443
Corporations (New South Wales) Amendment Act 1991 No 523
Letona Co-operative (Financial Assistance) Act 1993 No 851
First State Superannuation Transitional Regulation 19941
Exhibited Animals Protection Amendment Act 1996 No 113
Forests and Flora Reserves Revocation Act 1996 No 361
City of Sydney Planning (Repeal) Regulation 19971
Education Reform Amendment Act 1997 No 1273
Environmental Planning and Assessment Amendment Act 1999 No 723
Liquor and Registered Clubs (Olympic and Paralympic Games) Act 1999 No 952
Liquor and Registered Clubs (Olympic and Paralympic Games) Regulation 20002
Conveyancers Licensing Amendment (Professional Indemnity Insurance) Act 2000 No 34
Appropriation (Budget Variations) Act 2000 No 101
Liquor (Rugby League Grand Final Special Provisions) Act 2001 No 631
Miscellaneous Acts (Fine Default) Amendment Act 1987 No 2663
National Crime Authority (State Provisions) Amendment Act 1994 No 625
Occupational Health and Safety Amendment (Police Officers) Act 2000 No 114
Olympic Arrangements Act 2000 No 12
Olympic Arrangements (Penalty Notice Offences) Regulation 20002
Olympic Arrangements Regulation 20002
Parliamentary Supply Act 1994 No 521
Police Service Amendment (Complaints and Management Reform) Act 1998 No 1233
Retail Leases (Sydney Airport) Regulation 19992
Roads Amendment (Tolls) Act 1999 No 833
Royal Botanic Gardens and Domain Trust Amendment Act 1997 No 1313
Royal North Shore Hospital of Sydney Act 1910 No 201
Search Warrants (Amendment) Act 1991 No 923
Security Industry (Olympic and Paralympic Games) Act 1999 No 902
Standard Time Amendment Act 1999 No 132
State Revenue Legislation (Amendment) Act 1992 No 483
State Revenue Legislation Amendment Act 1999 No 103
State Revenue Legislation Further Amendment Act 1998 No 813
Timber Industry (Interim Protection) Act 1992 No 12
Transport Employees Retirement Benefits (Amendment) Act 1979 No 355
Valuers Registration (Amendment) Act 1981 No 795
Water Legislation Amendment Act 1997 No 1283
Workers Compensation Legislation (Amendment) Act 1991 No 1003
Zoological Parks Board Amendment Act 2000 No 74
Zoological Parks Board (Conservation and Environmental Objectives) Amendment Act 1992 No 443

1   Acts or regulations that are no longer of practical utility.

2   Acts or regulations that have expired.

3   Acts passed in 1999 or earlier that contain only amendments or spent provisions.

4   Acts passed in 2000 that contain only amendments that have been incorporated in reprints or spent provisions.

5   Acts that contain only amendments and savings or transitional provisions that have been transferred to the relevant Principal Act by Schedule 4.

Explanatory note

The repeals are explained in detail in the Explanatory note relating to this Act. In relation to the repeal of amending Acts, it should be noted that the Acts are repealed simply to rationalise the legislation in force and that the repeals have no substantive effect on the amendments made by the Acts or any associated provisions. The Acts that were amended by the Acts being repealed are up-to-date on the legislation database maintained by the Parliamentary Counsel’s Office and are available electronically.

Section 30 (2) of the Interpretation Act 1987 ensures that, when an Act or a statutory rule (such as a regulation) is amended or repealed, no amendment made by the Act or statutory rule is affected. Section 30 (2) also ensures that the following matters are not affected:

(a)  the proof of any past act or thing,
(b)  any right, privilege, obligation or liability saved by the operation of the Act or statutory rule,
(c)  any validation made by the Act or statutory rule,
(d)  the operation of any savings or transitional provision contained in the Act or statutory rule.

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