Transport Administration Act 1988 No 109
Current version for 8 January 2015 to date (accessed 29 January 2015 at 07:14)

53A   Directions to public authorities

(1)  RMS may, from time to time, direct public authorities to implement plans or proposals formulated or adopted, general standards or general principles established, or other decisions made, by RMS in the exercise of RMS’s functions under this Part.
(2)  RMS may communicate directions under this section to such public authorities, and in such manner, as it thinks fit.
(3)  While a direction communicated to a public authority under this section and applicable to its functions is in force, it is the duty of the public authority, by the exercise of its functions in accordance with law, to comply with the direction, except if to do so:
(a)  would be impracticable because of emergency, accident or other special circumstances, or
(b)  would affect the functions of any person or body with respect to the laying or making of any information or complaint, the continuance or discontinuance of any proceedings for an alleged offence or any other manner of dealing with an alleged offence.
(4)  The failure of a public authority to comply with a direction of RMS under this section does not invalidate any act, matter or thing to which the direction relates, and in particular does not invalidate the construction, erection, affixing or marking of any traffic control facility or any direction that is contained in or relates to the facility.
(5)  A direction may be given under this section so as to apply generally or in any particular case or class of cases.
(6)  The power to give a direction includes the power to amend or revoke a direction.
(7)  RMS may bring proceedings in the Supreme Court for an order to require a public authority to comply with a direction under this section.
(8)  The Supreme Court may, in any such proceedings, make such order as it thinks fit.
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