Transport Administration Act 1988 No 109
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Part 4ADivision 6

Division 6 Independent Transport Safety Advisory Board

42T   Independent Transport Safety Advisory Board

(1)  There is established by this Act an Independent Transport Safety Advisory Board.
(2)  The Board is to consist of the following 5 members:
(a)  a Chairperson appointed by the Governor, on the recommendation of the Minister,
(b)  3 members appointed by the Minister,
(c)  the Chief Executive.
(3)  The members appointed by the Minister must have experience in one or more of the following areas, as the Minister considers necessary to enable the Board’s functions to be carried out:
(a)  rail safety management systems,
(b)  safety science,
(c)  customer service,
(d)  accident investigation,
(e)  public administration.
(4)  The Chairperson of the Board must have experience in transport safety management systems (including rail safety management systems).
(4A)  For the purposes of exercising its functions, the Board may arrange for the use of any staff or facilities of the ITSR.
(5)  Schedule 2A has effect with respect to the members and procedure of the Board.

42U   General functions of Board

(1)  The Board has the functions conferred or imposed on it by or under this or any other Act.
(2)  The principal function of the Board is to advise and make recommendations to the Minister or the ITSR about any matter.
(3)  The Board may also advise the Minister, or make recommendations to the Minister, or both, about any matter related to the safe operation of transport services (including safety regulation by transport authorities).

42V   (Repealed)

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