Transport Administration Act 1988 No 109
Current version for 8 January 2015 to date (accessed 29 January 2015 at 09:14)
Part 1ASection 3G

3G   Directions by TfNSW to public transport agencies

(1)  TfNSW may, for the purpose of exercising its functions, give directions to the following bodies in relation to the exercise of their functions:
(a)  RailCorp,
(b)  RMS,
(c)  State Transit Authority,
(d)  Sydney Ferries,
(e), (f)  (Repealed)
(g)  a public or private subsidiary corporation (as referred to in Part 6B) of any of those bodies.
Note. This Act provides that the Chief Executive of a body referred to in paragraphs (a)–(f) is, in managing the affairs of the body, to do so in accordance with any directions of TfNSW under this section.
(2)  A body referred to in subsection (1) is required to provide TfNSW, at such times and in such form as TfNSW directs, with the following:
(a)  the operating and capital works budget of the body for the next year and forward years,
(b)  any other information held by or relating to the body that TfNSW considers is required for the purposes of exercising its functions.

If a budget of the body is required to be changed as a result of a direction of TfNSW under this section, the body is to provide the revised budget to TfNSW.

(3)  This section is not subject to any contract under clause 1 (e) of Schedule 1 with a body referred to in subsection (1).
(4)  TfNSW may not give a direction under this section to a body in relation to the exercise by that body of the body’s functions as a relevant safety regulator under section 3H.
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