Legal Profession Act 1987 No 109
Repealed version for 15 August 2005 to 30 September 2005 (accessed 27 January 2015 at 12:06)
Part 3Division 1AASection 38FE

38FE   Refusal, cancellation or suspension of practising certificates—failure to show cause or furnish information

(1)  A Council may refuse to issue, or may cancel or suspend, a practising certificate if the applicant or holder:
(a)  is required by section 38FB to provide a written statement in relation to a matter and has failed to provide a written statement in accordance with that section, or
(b)  has provided a written statement in accordance with section 38FB but, in the opinion of the Council to which the statement was provided, has failed to show in that statement that he or she is a fit and proper person to hold a practising certificate, or
(c)  has failed to comply with a requirement under section 38FI or has wilfully contravened section 38FI (4).
(2)  If a Council acts under this section and, within 14 days after being notified of the action, the applicant or holder concerned requires the Council to state its reasons for the action, the Council must comply with the requirement without delay.
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