Coal Industry Act 2001 No 107
Current version for 1 January 2014 to date (accessed 31 January 2015 at 08:36)
Part 4Division 1

Division 1 Establishment, functions and composition of Brigade

33   Establishment of Mines Rescue Brigade

There is established by this Act the New South Wales Mines Rescue Brigade.

34   Functions of Brigade

The function of the Brigade is to provide, under the control and direction of the mines rescue company, a mine rescue service for responding to, and dealing with, emergencies arising at underground coal mines in New South Wales and at other mines.

35   Composition of Brigade

(1)  The Brigade comprises all persons for the time being appointed as members of the Brigade by the mines rescue company.
(2)  A member of the Brigade is, when acting as such a member, to be regarded as being employed by the mines rescue company.
(3)  However, subsection (2):
(a)  does not apply for the purposes of any superannuation scheme established by the company for the benefit of its employees, and
(b)  applies for the purposes of payment of salary or wages only while the member of the Brigade is engaged in mine rescue work (and not while undergoing training for mine rescue purposes).
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