Water Industry Competition Act 2006 No 104
Current version for 1 January 2015 to date (accessed 26 January 2015 at 01:17)
Part 6Division 2Section 65F

65F   Certificates of authority to enter land

(1)  An authorised licensed network operator may appoint a person to be an authorised agent of the authorised licensed network operator for the purposes of exercising powers under this Division by issuing the person with a certificate of authority.
(2)  A power of entry under this Division may not be exercised by an authorised agent unless the authorised agent:
(a)  is in possession of a certificate of authority issued by the authorised licensed network operator concerned, and
(b)  produces the certificate when required to do so by the owner or occupier of the land.
(3)  The certificate of authority:
(a)  must state that it is issued under this Act, and
(b)  must give the name of the person to whom it is issued, and
(c)  must describe the nature of the powers conferred and the source of those powers, and
(d)  must state the date (if any) on which it expires, and
(e)  must describe the kind of land to which the power extends, and
(f)  must:
(i)  be under the seal of the authorised licensed network operator concerned, or
(ii)  bear the signature of the principal officer of the authorised licensed network operator concerned or of any other officer of that operator (or an officer belonging to a class of officers of that operator) prescribed by the regulations.
(4)  The Minister may, by written notice given to an authorised licensed network operator, do any or both of the following:
(a)  impose conditions or restrictions on certificates of authority issued under this section by the operator, either generally or in particular cases, including restrictions on the purposes for which and the circumstances in which a power of entry may be exercised,
(b)  issue guidelines to be observed by the operator concerning the issue of certificates of authority under this section.
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