Law Enforcement (Powers and Responsibilities) Act 2002 No 103
Current version for 8 January 2015 to date (accessed 26 January 2015 at 23:24)

87O   Report to Ombudsman on exercise of powers and monitoring by Ombudsman

(1)  The Ombudsman is to keep under scrutiny the exercise of powers conferred on police officers under this Part.
(2)  For that purpose, the Ombudsman may require the Commissioner of Police or any public authority to provide information about the exercise of those powers.
(3)  The Commissioner of Police is to ensure that the Ombudsman is provided with a report on:
(a)  any authorisation given under Division 3 or approval given under section 87N, and
(b)  the reasons for giving the authorisation or approval, and
(c)  the powers used under the authorisation or approval.
(4)  The report is to be provided within 3 months after the authorisation or approval ceases to have effect.
(5)  The Ombudsman is to include, in the annual report of the Ombudsman’s work and activities under section 30 of the Ombudsman Act 1974 a report of the work and activities under this section.
Note. Section 30 of that Act provides for the annual report to be tabled in Parliament.
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