Law Enforcement (Powers and Responsibilities) Act 2002 No 103
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Part 12Division 2

Division 2 Other police powers relating to vehicles

187   Use of tyre deflation devices

(cf Road Transport (General) Act 1999, s 51)

(1)  The Commissioner may authorise the use by police officers of a device (a tyre deflation device) that causes the deflation of the tyres of a vehicle:
(a)  to enable police to stop or assist in the stopping of a vehicle in connection with the pursuit of the vehicle by police, or
(b)  to enable police to prevent the use of the vehicle by a person for the purpose of escaping from lawful custody or avoiding arrest.
(2)  Provision made by or under an Act that would operate to prohibit or restrict the placement or deployment on or near a road or road related area of a tyre deflation device does not apply to the placing or deploying of a tyre deflation device by a police officer acting in the exercise of his or her duties.

188   Power of entry for tracing stolen motor vehicles or trailers or their parts

(cf Road Transport (General) Act 1999, s 50)

(1)  A police officer authorised to do so by the Commissioner may:
(a)  enter, at any time, any premises or place on which the business of carrying out repairs, resulting from accidents, to damaged motor vehicles or trailers is ordinarily carried on, and
(b)  inspect any motor vehicle or trailer (or part of a motor vehicle or trailer) that is found by the officer in or on those premises or that place for the purpose of ascertaining whether or not it is a stolen motor vehicle or trailer or part.
(2)  A person must not wilfully delay or obstruct a police officer in the exercise of the authority conferred by subsection (1).

Maximum penalty: 20 penalty units.

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