Threatened Species Conservation Act 1995 No 101
Current version for 28 November 2014 to date (accessed 26 January 2015 at 05:18)

93   Payment of licence processing fee

(1)  The Director-General is to levy a processing fee, being not more than the costs (including on-costs) incurred by the National Parks and Wildlife Service in the assessment and processing of a licence application (whether or not the application is successful).
(2)  The fee is recoverable by the Director-General as a debt due to the Crown in a court of competent jurisdiction.
(3)  The Director-General may, before dealing with an application, require the applicant to pay an amount not exceeding one-half of the estimated processing fee.
(4)  The Director-General may reduce the amount of a processing fee levied for any licence application having regard to the following:
(a)  the extent of scientific examination necessary for the processing of the application,
(b)  the adequacy of any species impact statement or environmental impact statement that includes a species impact component supplied by the applicant,
(c)  the capacity of the applicant or persons with whom the applicant is associated to meet the fee levied,
(d)  whether and to what extent the activity sought to be licensed may confer a commercial benefit on the applicant if the licence is granted.
(5)  Before a prospective applicant for a licence lodges an application, the Director-General must advise the applicant of the maximum fee payable in respect of the application.
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