Threatened Species Conservation Act 1995 No 101
Current version for 28 November 2014 to date (accessed 26 January 2015 at 13:22)

41   Publication of recommendation

(1)  After preparing a recommendation for identification of the area or areas of land comprising the critical habitat of an endangered species, population or ecological community or critically endangered species or ecological community, the Director-General must:
(a)  give a copy of it to the Scientific Committee, and
(b)  give notice of the recommendation to all persons known by the Director-General, following the making of reasonable searches and inquiries, to be affected by the recommendation, being:
(i)  landholders (including public authorities who are landholders), and
(ii)  other public authorities known to the Director-General to exercise relevant functions in relation to the land, and
(iii)  if the land is subject to a mortgage, charge or positive covenant—the mortgagee, chargee or person entitled to the benefit of the covenant, and
(iv)  holders of leases and other interests granted by the Crown, and
(c)  publish notice of the recommendation in a newspaper circulating generally throughout the State and, if the recommendation is likely to affect a particular area or areas (other than the State as a whole), in a newspaper circulating generally in that area or areas, and
(d)  publish notice of the recommendation in the Gazette.
(2)  The notice must:
(a)  state that the recommendation has been prepared, and
(b)  specify the address of the place at which copies of the recommendation may be inspected, and
(c)  invite persons to make written submissions to the Director-General about the recommendation, and
(d)  specify the address of the place to which submissions about the recommendation may be forwarded and the date by which submissions must be made.
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